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  • Qualitative v Quantitative Monitoring: Is one superior? What’s the difference? Why does it matter?
    The Quantitative Train of Four vs Subjective or Qualitative TOF study attached shows Quantitative TOF monitoring promoting a positive clinical practice change.  Quantitative TOF monitoring may be the greatest tool to use to safely monitor paralytic and reverse anesthesia patients safely.  The study tables show when using a traditional Peripheral … Read more
  • Stimpod 450X EMG: The Gold Standard for Quantitative Train-of-Four Monitoring
    The linked study was released 10/2/2023 and validates the Xavant Stimpod 450X for neuromuscular blockade monitoring, proven in a recent study to match the gold standard in QTOF accuracy as having the most accurate EMG tested to date.  The study compared the Stimpod 450X EMG or Electromyography to MMG or … Read more
  • GOOD NEWS Line is OPEN!
    Purchase medical supplies now! We’ve had several new customers in September. Some of these are: Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent in the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, Lone Tree, CO EyePro Surgical Eye Protection by Innovgas in Spanish Peaks Regional Health, Walsenburg, CO Heine Reusable Blades in The Miriam Hospital, Providence, … Read more

Anesthesia Supplies and General Biomed Services Since 1975

Bell Medical specializes in anesthesia machines, sales and equipment service, anesthesia supplies and general biomed services since 1975. We are the exclusive distributor for manufacturers such as: Armstrong Medical and Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent, Laryngoscope Blades and Handles from Propper, Heine, Rusch, Sunmed and Upsher, Clinitemp Temperature Strip Indicators, MPD Medical Carts, Biosensors, Criticare Monitors, Ceramatec and Analytical Oxygen Sensors, IMD Gertie Marx Spinal Needles, Parker Flex-Tip Endotracheal Tubes, Schiller cardio pulmonary monitors, Nerve Stimulators and Locators, Train-of-Four (TOF) Monitor, Rusch and Teleflex anesthesia supplies, Safersonic Ultrasound Probe Covers, Havel’s specialty needles, AES Laryngeal Masks and many more specialty anesthesia supply items.

We provide anesthesia machine service for GE Healthcare, Drager, Penlon, Datascope, Mindray and all older machines such as Aestiva, Excel, Mod SE machines from Ohmeda. We sell anesthesia parts and provide anesthesia and general biomed service from Illinios to Utah.

Bell Medical also markets difficult airway products such as the Complete Insight Airway Management System, Eschmann Stylet from Sims and Parker Medical ET tubes.