Adult Dual Mask with CO2 Monitoring


Adult Dual Mask with CO2 Monitoring and Nose Clip, Male or Female Connector, 50/case

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The Dual Capnography Mask provides continual monitoring of carbon dioxide being exhaled from the mouth and nose while administering oxygen to the patient. The end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring medical mask features an integrated oxygen and sampling line that provides quick and simple operation. Order your capnography supplies today, and view this capnography monitor for sale.

  • Easy soft fit with excellent seal
  • Integrated oxygen and etco2 sampling line for quick and simple connection
  • Star Lumen O2 “kink proof” tubing providing secure oxygen delivery
  • Clear mask allows for easy observation of patient’s face and condition
  • Form fitting metal nose clip standard
  • Superior etco2 readings and waveform due to unique oxygen diversion ports

Lpm                2                      4                      6                      8                      1

FiO2%          28%                 35%                 40%                 50%                 60%


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