Ambu Laryngeal Mask, Reusable, Straight

Ambu Laryngeal Mask, Reusable, Straight

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Ambu Laryngeal Mask, Reusable, Straight

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Introducing Ambu® Inc.'s Aura family of laryngeal masks featuring their unique anatomical curve and their NEW
standard straight version, both in disposable and reusable styles.

You now have a choice!

Whether you choose disposable or reusable, curved or straight, you will always have the peace of mind that you
are using the superior product.  This innovative Ambu LMA design has clearly marked guidelines for easy insertion, cuff inflation
volume, and patient weight listed on the tube or on the pilot balloon. You can buy this laryngeal mask airway online at Bell Medical.

Reliable - every time.  No compromise.

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SKU B12006X
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Manufacturer Ambu
Condition New
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