Amsorb Plus Carbon Dioxide Absorbent, CAN-CAN


Amsorb Plus Carbon Dioxide Absorbent, CAN-CAN, ADU only, 6/case

GE Healthcare Endorsement

Armstrong Medical Ltd and Bell Medical are delighted to announce that GE Healthcare has endorsed AMSORB Plus as their Carbon Dioxide absorbent of choice when used on the complete range of Carestation 600 series, Aisys CS2, Avance CS2, Aespire, and ADU anesthesia systems. 

Anesthetic agents are the biggest ongoing expense associated with anesthesia units. The Carestation 600 series is specifically suited to the practice of low-flow anesthesia delivery. AMSORB Plus Carbon Dioxide Absorbent has been chosen by GE Healthcare for use with the Carestation 600 series as it has been shown to reduce the consumption of sevoflurane, desflurane and isoflurane when compared to soda lime during low-flow anesthesia delivery.

Watch a short video on AMSORB Plus.
Watch a short video on AMSORB Plus 1.1
Armstrong Medical technical video on Amsorb Plus


Amsorb Plus is specifically designed for low and minimal flow anesthesia. Its absorption capacity, intensity and uniformity of color change have been improved from the original Amsorb.

The chemical composition remains unaltered but the manufacturing process has been carefully developed to deliver enhanced absorption capacity. Amsorb Plus remains the world’s only carbon dioxide absorbent capable of complete prevention of anesthetic degradation. Amsorb Plus is the safest absorbent available.

Many conventional soda limes, and even some new generation absorbents, claim suitability for safe low flow anesthesia. However, many of these still contain sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and some potassium hydroxide (KOH).

Research has shown that the presence of sodium hydroxide, at any level, provides the basis for anesthetic agent dehalogenation.

Amsorb Plus does not contain strong alkali and, therefore, preserves it color change once exhausted; unlike conventional carbon dioxide absorbents which, once exhausted, revert to their original color.

  • No heat or fire hazard
  • No Compound A under any conditions
  • No Carbon Monoxide under any conditions
  • No Formaldehyde under any conditions
  • No degradation of anesthetic agents
  • Eliminates patient nausea due to toxic by-products in other absorbents
  • PERMANENT COLOR CHANGE when exhausted by CO2 and/or desiccated. Eliminates weekly need to change absorbent resulting in less waste economically and and environmentally.

Amsorb Plus from Armstrong Medical is not a soda lime. These competitors are considered soda limes because they contain sodium hydroxide:

  • GE Carefusion: Medisorb and Medisorb
  • EF W.R. Grace and Smiths Medical: Sodasorb and Sodasorb LF
  • Drager: Dragersorb 800+ and Dragersorb Free
  • Allied Medical: Litholyme, Carbolime
  • Molecular Products: Sofnolime
  • Intersurgical: Spherasorb, LoFloSorb and Intersorb

Amsorb Plus is a new generation CO2 absorbent that is based on a patented chemical formulation of calcium hydroxide rather than the toxin producing sodium hydroxide found in soda limes.


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