Anesthesia Supplies and Equipment

At Bell Medical, we provide hospitals and surgical centers with the highest quality anesthesia supplies. Our wide range of manufacturers give you the clinical capabilities that you need without exceeding your budget. We’re proud to provide a wide array of quality Anesthesia Supplies Equipment from brands you can trust!

  • AMSORB Plus CO2 Absorbent
  • Capnoxygen Masks
  • Medical Carts
  • Finger Pulse Oximeters
  • Laryngoscope Blades and Handles
  • Flex-Tip Endotracheal Tubes
  • Nerve Block Needles and Stimulators
  • Oxygen Sensors
  • Surgical Drape Clamps
  • Laryngeal Masks

We carry anesthesia and biomedical equipment parts suitable for a wide range of manufacturer brands. With over $100,000 in parts inventory, our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction is unmatched. Plus, we offer a one year warranty on parts replacement. Buy our medical supplies online today!


AMSORB® PLUS is a carbon dioxide absorbent that is free from strong alkali metal hydroxides. It absorbs carbon dioxide from cellular respiration during Anesthesia Supplies Equipment . Unlike other absorbents on the market, this premier product is designed for low and minimal flow anesthesia.

Laryngeal Masks Anesthesia Supplies Equipment

Laryngeal masks help channel oxygen or Anesthesia Supplies Equipment to a patient’s lungs during surgery. It is a tube with an inflatable cuff that is inserted into the upper part of the windpipe. A laryngeal mask is preferred to intubation as it is quicker and more comfortable for patients.

Laryngoscope Blades and Handles

We stock a wide range of high-quality laryngoscope blades and handles. Laryngoscopes are used when administering Anesthesia Supplies Equipment , performing tracheal intubation, or during other procedures requiring proper viewing of the larynx. For even more in-depth viewing, video laryngoscopes can improve patient safety by providing a clearer on-screen image.

Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors measure and monitor the inspiratory and/or expiratory O2 concentration in anesthesia machines. We offer a full range of oxygen sensors compatible with most hospital and clinic devices.


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