Bell Medical supplies capnography or EtCO2 monitors and supplies for applications in the operating room and for procedural sedation in areas such as endoscopy or GI Labs. We supply Filterlines from Oridion to work with Oridion enabled monitors such as Philips, Covidien and Medtronic. We offer nasal canula from companies like Westmed and Salter Labs that can monitor patients during procedural sedation. We also provide capnography monitoring devices for intubated patients during general anesthesia. Find the anesthesia supplies and equipment that you need today.

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  1. BiteMe Bite Block

    Dental damage is the most common claim made against anaesthetists and makes up 20-30% of claims.

    BiteMe™ is an air-filled, rubber bite block specifically designed to protect patient's teeth and airway devices during general anesthesia.

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  2. Capnomask™ Oxygen Delivery Mask and CO2 Monitoring, 50/bx

    Features and Benefits

    • Vanilla scented to help reduce nausea and vomiting
    • Capnomask™ is latex free
    • Soft transparent DEHP free PVC
    • Ophthalmic version available
    • Pediatric version available
    • Nose clip and elastic straps for easy adjustment
    • O2 line and CO2 monitor line pre-attached for speedy hook-up
    • 0.22 micron filter to reduce risk of cross contamination and infection
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    The Capnoxygen Mask is an oxygen mask that also monitors ETCO2 or capnography for MAC, Monitored Anesthesia Cases or for any conscious sedation or procedural sedation. Capnoxygen is manufactured by Southmedic and distributed in the USA by Bell Medical. The Capnoxygen Mask is available with a female luer and packaged both with or without a sample line. Learn More
  4. Bell Medical Nonin Capnography Monitor, ETCO2 only
    • WIDESCREEN™ touch-panel display
    • Numerical EtCO2 and respiratory rate display
    • MedAir EtCO2 technology
    • 1.5 hours of EtCO2 and respiration rate waveform trending
    • Backlit LCD display
    • Audible and visual alarms
    • Data output via RS-232 port

    Contact Bell Medical to see how you can get this etco2 monitor Free! 800-875-BELL (2355)

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  5. POM Mask
    • 30 / case
    • 7' O2 Line, 10' CO2 Sample Line
    • Dual oral and nasal entry ports for endoscopes
    • Optimizes oxygen concentration during conscious sedation
    • Measures capnography reliably even at high oxygen flows
    • Allows easy unobstructed access to the patient
    • Ideal for Oral or Nasal fiber optic intubations
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  6. Comfort Soft CO2 Cannula

    Comfort Soft Plus Cannulas, 10' O2 and CO2 Lines, Male or Female Luer Connector, 25/box or 100/case

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  7. Comfort Soft Oral/Nasal ETCO2 Cannula
    Comfort Soft Plus ETCO2 Cannula with Oral and Nasal Sampling. Universal Male or Female Luer Lock included. Oral/Nasal Cannula comes 25/box Learn More
  8. Adult Dual Mask with CO2 Monitoring

    Adult Dual Mask with CO2 Monitoring and Nose Clip, Male or Female Connector, 50/case

    Watch a short video on the Dual Mask.

    Flexicare Dual Combined CO2 Monitoring & Oxygen Delivery Video

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  9. Smart CapnoLine H Plus with O2 Delivery
    Smart CapnoLine H Plus with O2 Delivery Learn More
  10. Smart Capnoline Guardian with O2 Tubing

    Smart Capnoline Guardian, 60F, with 7' O2 tubing end, 7' length, 25/box

    Watch a short video on the Guardian.

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