Green Anesthesia: The Environmental Advantages of Sodium Hydroxide-Free Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent

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Introduction Anesthesia is a crucial component of modern medical practice, allowing patients to undergo surgeries and procedures painlessly. However, the environmental impact of anesthesia is often overlooked. Traditional anesthesia methods contribute to pollution through the release of anesthetic agents into the atmosphere. Fortunately, advancements in technology, such as the use of Sodium Hydroxide-Free Amsorb Plus … Read more

Bell Medical supplies Sleep Apnea and Ventilation Devices by ResMed

Bell Medical is proud to announce that we are the new Distribution partner for ResMed sleep apnea supplies and ventilation devices and accessories, as well as their full line of NIV masks. The ResMed Airsense 10/11 platforms provide both single pressure CPAP as well as Auto adjusting CPAP therapy. The Aircurve 10/11 platforms provide bilevel … Read more

What are the recommendations for Quantitative Neuromuscular Monitoring?

The ASA Guideline recommends Quantitative Train of Four or QTOF monitoring when administering a paralytic.  The ASA Guideline indicates that you should only use Neostigmine when the patient has a TOF ration >40%.  A QTOF monitor is required to know when you are >40% so Quantitative TOF monitoring is needed to continue using Neostigmine as … Read more

Qualitative v Quantitative Monitoring: Is one superior? What’s the difference? Why does it matter?

The Quantitative Train of Four vs Subjective or Qualitative TOF neuromuscular monitoring study attached shows Quantitative TOF monitoring promoting a positive clinical practice change.  Quantitative TOF monitoring may be the greatest tool to use to safely monitor paralytic and reverse anesthesia patients safely.  The study tables show when using a traditional Peripheral Nerve Stimulator or … Read more

Stimpod 450X EMG: The Gold Standard for Quantitative Train-of-Four Monitoring

The linked study was released 10/2/2023 and validates the Xavant Stimpod 450X for neuromuscular blockade monitoring, proven in a recent study to match the gold standard in QTOF accuracy as having the most accurate EMG tested to date.  The study compared the Stimpod 450X EMG or Electromyography to MMG or Mechanomyography.  The results stated:  “The … Read more


Purchase medical supplies now! We’ve had several new customers in September. Some of these are: Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent in the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, Lone Tree, CO EyePro Surgical Eye Protection by Innovgas in Spanish Peaks Regional Health, Walsenburg, CO Heine Reusable Blades in The Miriam Hospital, Providence, RI NoPress Surgical Eye Shield … Read more

Bell Medical October National Show Schedule

Bell Medical is proud to be a showing vendor at both the American Society of Anesthesia (ASA) and the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians (ASATT). Please visit us at ASA booth #1727 in San Francisco, CA Oct 14-16 and the ASATT in Pasadena, CA Oct. 19-21. We have been introducing products since 1975! … Read more

Good News Line is OPEN!

The Good News Line is OPEN! New customers:  Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent to Illinois Sport Medicine, Morton Grove, IL Heine VisionPro Video Laryngscope to University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI BiteMe Teeth and Airway Protection to St. Luke’s Hospital, Duluth, MN Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent to Providence Covenant Hospital, Levelland, TX Disposable Laryngoscopes to Mount Sinai … Read more


         We had several new DART installations in July. DART, DART Reach, and EZ Spray, from Pulmodyne, are leading brands exclusively carried from Bell Medical. It is exactly the same as the MAD or MADgic nasal and oral atomizers. Congratulations to all the reps that had new and recurring sales! Brad Douglas – UnityPoint Health … Read more


Bell Medical has new equipment installations in June/July. Rick Avery in New England as sold a Stimpod 450X AMG/EMG to Rutland Regional Medical Center in Rutland, VT. Additionally, he closed on a sale of a Pre-Owned AespireView and new Mindray ePM Monitors to Paradigm Clinical Associates in Stratham, NH. Congrats Rick Avery! Anthony Crossland had … Read more