Compact Disposable Unit for Warrior Blood and Fluid Warmer, 12/box


B324209 QinFlow Compact Disposable Blood Fluid Warmer Units or CDU, 12/box (call for volume discounts)

The QinFlow Warrior CDU or Compact Disposable Unit is a single patient use disposable using medical grade stainless steel tubing in a disposable unit(DU).  The CDU and DU used in conjunction with a state of the art micro processing automatically adjust and control the temperature of fluids.  As the Warrior microprocessor senses changes in temperature and flow rate the electrical current adjusts on the stainless steel tubing resulting in a consistent 38 degree C delivery.  The 38C is delivered consistently regardless of flow rates from KVO to 290ml/min on cold fluids and up to 500ml/min on warm or room temperature fluids.  The Warrior and the Compact Disposable Unit is perfect for the operating room but also has a battery option offering unique portability for patient transport to ICU or use on Helicopter.

Combat hypothermia with the Warrior!


About the Warrior Blood and Fluid Warmer

• Simple to Operate: Easy one-button operation enhances patient safety
• Immediate Warming: From 4C to 38C (39F to 100F) in just a few seconds
• Fast delivery: KVO to 290ml/min at consistent 38C for 4C fluids and up to 500ml/min for 20C fluids(AC mode)
• Hybrid Power Source: Equipped with both battery (3-5 liters) and AC Power source
• No Calibration or Maintenance: No periodic calibration, 5 years between service cycles
• Affordable Consumables: Cost effective consumable design
• Self-Regulating: Warming automatically adjusts to address changes in flow rates maintaining 38C output temperature
• Portable and light weight: Warrior is ideal for helicopter EMS, Ambulance and ED/OR
• Unique Continuum of Care: Warrior and blood warmer equipment can be used from field to hospital across the entire continuum of care simplifying patient handoff between EMS, ED and OR thus reducing costs.


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