DART and DART-REACH Atomizer


Packaged as 25/box

Bell#                Teleflex#
B060450        MAD600                DART-Reach (8 inches) 5 mL syringe
B060451        MAD700                DART-Reach (8 inches) without 5 mL syringe
B060452        MAD720                DART-Reach (4 inches) without 5 mL syringe
B060460        MAD300                DART Nasal without syringe
B060461        MAD110                DART Nasal 1 mL syringe
B060462        MAD100                DART Nasal 3 ml syringe
B060463        MAD100                DART Nasal 3 ml syringe with vial adaptor

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DART provides safe, painless intranasal medication delivery

  • Soft, conical plug for a seal with the nostril
  • Designed for maximum atomization and ease of use while preventing liquid expulsion
  • Nasal atomizer spray atomizes to a fine mist of 30-100μm in size
  • Excellent for anesthesia, pediatric patients, emergency departments, and first responders

DART-REACH delivers medications to the upper airway and beyond the vocal cords

  • Malleable stylet conforms to patient-specific anatomy and enables precise delivery to the cords
  • Fine atomized spray provides coverage for the pharynx, larynx, and tracheas
  • Design allows users to draw the exact dosage minimizing medication waste
  • Adapts to virtually all luer-lock syringes

DART Mucosal Atomization Device Applications:

  • Airway Management; Difficult Airway, Awake Intubations
  • Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy
  • Trans Esophageal Echocardiograms (TEE)

DART Inservice Training


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