DentaSafe, 50/bx



DentaSafe Advantages:

  • Easy to apply and use,
  • Improved intubation safety,
  • Aids in avoiding costly expenses and lawsuits associated with patient dental injuries,
  • Medical grade elastic cushion,
  • Hypoallergenic,
  • Latex free
  • Made in USA


DentaSafe helps prevent costly damage to the upper incisors, which are the most frequently affected teeth during intubation. Single use, disposable foam strip attaches to the flange of the laryngoscope blade and prevents direct contact between the metallic blade and the patient’s upper teeth.

A prospective study has reported a higher incidence of dental damage at 12.1%(1)  Dental damage is the most common claim made against anesthesia making up 20-30% of claims.(2,3)

1. Chen JJ, Susetio L, Chao CC. Oral complications associated with endotracheal general anesthesia. Anaesth Sinica 1990;28:163–69

2. Ranum D, Ma H. Analysis of patient injury based on anesthesiology closed claims data from a malpractice insurer. J Health Risk Manag 2014;34(2):31-42 4.

3. ChadwickRG,LindsaySM.Dentalinjuriesduringgeneralanaesthesia:canthedentisthelp the anaesthetist? Dent Update 1998;25(2):76-78 5.


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