Eschmann Stylet, Disposable


Eschmann Stylet, Disposable, 10/box, 70 cm

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Disposable Introducer Bougie with Coude tip, also known as an Eschmann Stylet Bougie is used as an intubation tool. The introducer is used as a guide through the vocal cords and into the trachea for endotracheal tube placement. The introducer is available as an adult bougie or pediatric bougie. The adult is 15 French by 70 cm long for 6.0 – 11.0mm endotracheal tubes and the pediatric introducer is 10 French x 70cm in length. Both the adult and pediatric introducers come with a Coude or angled tip to aid in passing the introducer through the vocal cords and into the airway. The introducer comes 10/box.

The disposable endotracheal tube introducer and guides are supplied sterile and individually packaged.


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