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Adult: Gentle on eyelashes and delicate skin around the eye, 50/pk
Pediatric: Sized smaller for pediatric patients, 50/pk
Sensitive: For patients with more delicate skin, 50/pk
Extended Wear: Stronger adhesive for longer surgeries and is gentle to remove, 50/pk
Laser: Protects eyes from wavelengths of 190nm to 11,000 nm with OD 7+, 25/pk

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The Gentle and Clean Alternative to Tape
Stop Using Tape. Choose EyeGard Instead.

• Safe and transparent surgery eye protection with breathable, waterproof seal
• Simple alternative to sticky and potentially cross-contaminating tape
• Hypoallergenic
• Provides a simple and economical alternative to wound dressings
• Latex free*

Multiple studies and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services agree—rolls of tape can serve as a source of contamination for facility personnel and patients that cannot be cleaned. Switch to EyeGard for the cleanest and safest alternative to tape.

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