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EyePro and NoPress Patient Eye Protection

EyePro Eyelid Cover

EyePro Eye Occlusion Dressing
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NoPress Eye Shield

NoPress Eye Protection
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EyePro Eyelid Cover

EyePro Eyelid Cover

The EyePro eyelid cover is designed by anesthesiologists to protect and maintain eyelid closure during general anesthesia. EyePros ensures rapid, complete and safe eyelid closure by sealing around the eye circumferentially, retaining patient eye moisture, preventing the eye from drying out.

EyePro Features & Benefits

  • Sterile dressings designed to prevent eye injury.
  • Dual-zone adhesive prevents damage to the eye lid and eye lashes.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Clear window allows observation of eyelid closure.
  • Saves time and money in the operating room.
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NoPress Eye Shield

NoPress Eye Shield

NoPress eye shield is a foam and rigid plastic eye covering designed specifically to protect anaesthetized patient’s eyes from externally applied pressure. Its patented unitary design and midline flexion device means it resists a high pressure load while still conforming to the patient’s face.

NoPress Features & Benefits

  • Single shield distributes applied pressure more evenly across orbital ridges, reducing force per unit area.
  • Thick medical grade foam is soft on patient’s face with 3M hypoallergenic adhesive allowing safe application and removal.
  • Transparent shield allows you to see patient’s eyes.
  • Small ventilation holes on each side prevent condensation.
  • Adhesive maintains position on face.
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