Heine Disposable MRI Laryngoscope Blades


MRI Disposable Heine Laryngoscope Blades, $140/box, 25/box

F00022761 Disposable XP Macintosh 1
F00022762 Disposable XP Macintosh 2
F00022763 Disposable XP Macintosh 3
F00022764 Disposable XP Macintosh 4
F00022771 Disposable XP Miller 1
F00022772 Disposable XP Miller 2
F00022773 Disposable XP Miller 3
F00022774 Disposable XP Miller 4
F00022775 Disposable XP Miller 5

Additional information

Laryngscope Sizes

Macintosh 1, Macintosh 2, Macintosh 3, Macintosh 4, Miller 1, Miller 2, Miller 3, Miller 4, Miller 5


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