HEINE VisionPro Video Laryngoscope


B093100 HEINE visionPRO video laryngoscope and recharger base $3,350* Each

B093113 MacIntosh 3 disposable blade sheath, ($12.50/ea) $125 10/box
B093153 MacIntosh 3 disposable blade sheath, ($11.96/ea) $598 50/box

B093114 MacIntosh 4 disposable blade sheath, ($12.50/ea) $125 10/box
B093154 MacIntosh 4 disposable blade sheath, ($11.96/ea) $598 50/box

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Nothing is more important than a great view of the glottis. The new HEINE visionPRO video laryngoscope provides a bright, high-definition, realistic color representation of the vocal cords. The new HEINE visionPRO is German made quality. It is robust, reliable and durable.

  • Outstanding image quality(480×640), LED light source and bright 3.2” adjustable display
  • Durable product design using anodized aluminum display and stainless-steel handle
  • Ecological & economical using a rechargeable lithium battery and the only single-use blades made from recycled material
  • Realistic color representation due to smart image processing and HEINE LED HQ light

New HEINE allBRIGHT Display

The new HEINE visionPRO video laryngoscope features a bright and sharp image. This is true for every intubation, and even more so for difficult situations. That’s why HEINE has the best components in the new video laryngoscope, from the camera to the image processing to our new HEINE allBRIGHT display.

New HEINE allBRIGHT Display
Durable Construction

Durable Construction

The new HEINE visionPRO is extremely durbale. The grip head and display frame are made of anodised aluminum. The handle and camera arm are made of stainless steel, and the cover glass of the new allBRIGHT display is highly protective.

Fast & Easy to Clean

To maximize patient safety, the display and handle can easily be separated for numerous validated reprocessing procedures. The handle can be wipe, disinfected, or even sterilized by low-temperature. The assembled instrument can be hygienically reprocessed with low level disinfection. This is thanks to the smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces called HEINE smoothSURFACE.

Fast & Easy to Clean

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Weight3.21 lbs
Heine VisionPro

Heine VisionPro VL, Mac 3 Disp. Blades 10/box, Mac 3 Disp. Blades 50/box, Mac 4 Disp. Blades 10/box, Mac 4 Disp. Blades 50/box


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