Laser OPTI-GARD Patient Eye Protector


Laser OPTI-GARD Patient Eye Protector

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With Laser OPTI-GARD® Patient Laser Eye Proctor we provide the same proven barriers to protect your patient as we have done for more than twenty years with our original OPTI-GARD® Patient Eye Protector. Now we have added additional barriers to OPTI-GARD® to protect your patients during laser procedures. LASER OPTI-GARD® utilizes layers of aluminum, foam, plastic, and the protective qualities of water to insure protection for laser patients and clinicians. Everything is provided including the water to make LASER OPTI-GARD® not only the safest product but also the most convenient. LASER OPTI-GARD® is certified to IEC 60825-1 and EN 60825-4 the highest standards for patient laser protection.

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