MANUJET III Jet Ventilator


The Manujet III with Jet Ventilation Catheters is recommended for emergency rooms, crash carts, ambulances and operating rooms as it guarantees a quick and efficient oxygenation of a patient.


The Manujet III jet ventilator is supplied in a complete kit with injector and jet ventilation catheters. The simple mechanical system is lightweight, portable and immediately ready for use. Manujet III needle jet ventilation with 4 m pressure hose, Jet-Ventilation catheters acc. to Ravussin (13 G, 14 G, 16 G), 100 cm connecting tube, Endojet Adapter (for ET Tube) and Bronchoscope Adapter.

  • One year warranty
  • Eight year shelf life

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs



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