Nerve Stimulators

Peripheral nerve stimulators are used to determine the level of paralytic or neuro muscular blocking agent NMBA that a patient might have in their system during a general anesthesia. Bell Medical offers the Xavant Stimpod NMS 450X quantitative TOF or Train of Four monitor that monitors the patients ulnar, tibia or optic nerves with a three dimensional accelerometer to determine whether it is safe to place an endotracheal tube in a patient and then after surgery to determine if it is safe to extubate the patient. Quantitative TOF or QTOF has been endorsed by the APSF, AANA and the ASA.

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Xavant has recently announced EMG capability on the Stimpod 450X pending FDA approvals expected in the fall of 2022.  The Stimpod 450X will be the only Neuro Muscular monitoring device that will be able to monitor paralytics like Rocuronium with either EMG, electromyogram or AMG, accelerometry technology simply by changing the Stimpod cable.  All of these nerve stimulation devices have the ability to do TOF or Train of Four, Double Burst, Post Tetanic Count or PTC along with Tetanus and Twitch. There are other subjective or qualitative peripheral nerve stimulators or PNS such as the SunStim, SunStim Plus and SunStim Pro and the EZ Stim from Halyard or LifeTech. These anesthesia nerve stimulators do not display the TOF ratio or percentage like the Stimpod NMS 450X.

Bell Medical also provides nerve location devices such as the Xavant Stimpod 410 for locating nerves for regional anesthesia. Bell Medical sells nerve block needles from Havel’s. Order a peripheral nerve stimulator device from Bell Medical today.