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Bell Medical is a specialty distributor for anesthesia supplies that has been in business since 1975. Bell Medical has represented Neuro Technology, Life Tech, Professional Instruments, EZ Stim, Pajunk, Fisher Paykel and many other peripheral nerve stimulators in the past. We now offer the Stimpod NMS 450 neuromuscular TOF monitor and the Stimpod 410 nerve block monitor along with the TOF Watch. Basic nerve stimulators such as the SunStim, and SunStim Plus, the MiniStim MS1 and the MiniStim MSIV are all available at Bell Medical.

Quantitative TOF Monitor: Stimpod NMS 450

The STIMPOD NMS450 Nerve Stimulator includes a Tri-axial accelerometer which provides real time feedback of the strength of contraction of the affected limb (Train Of Four, Double Burst and Post Tetanic Count modes). The strength of each measured contraction is displayed graphically and the relevant ratios are calculated and also displayed.

The fine movement differences that can be detected by utilizing accelerometry offer major advantages over gauging contraction strength visually or tactilely.

Tri-axial accelerometry calculates the movement vector of the contraction in three dimensions. This negates the need for calibration as is the case with one-dimensional accelerometers, and reduces the setup time of the procedure.


Combined Nerve Mapping and Nerve Location

Auto sensing technology provides a solution for simultaneous nerve mapping and nerve location. The Stimpod monitors whether the mapping probe or needle touches the patient and adjusts the current range accordingly, ensuring quick and precise nerve location.

The Stimpod Nerve Mapping Probe was designed to enable trans-cutaneous nerve mapping at higher currents (to a maximum of 20mA), whilst the tip offers a contact surface small enough to ensure effective discrimination.

Current Range

  • Nerve Locating: 0.0 – 5.0mA
  • Nerve Mapping: 0 – 20mA
  • NMBA Monitoring: 0 – 80mA

Load Impedance

  • Nerve Locating: 0 – 20kΩ (100V)
  • Nerve Mapping: 0 – 20kΩ (400V)
  • NMBA Monitoring: 0 -5kΩ (400V)

Stimulating Modes

  • Train-of-Four (TOF)
  • Double Burst (DB)
  • Post-Tetanic-Count (PTC)
  • Tetanus (TET)
  • Twitch (1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz)

TOF-Watch S Neuromuscular Monitor

Train of Four-Watch S is a portable anesthesia neuromuscular transmission monitor. TOF-Watch utilizes acceleromyography principles to measure neuromuscular block produced by the administration of an NMBA. It provides information regarding the degree of relaxation.

TOF-Watch S has a range of stimulation patterns for intermittent or continuous application:

  • Single twitch (ST) – at 0.1 or 1 Hz
  • Train Of Four (TOF)
  • Slow TOF (user programmable time intervals from 1 to 60 min.)
  • Post Tetanic Count (PTC)
  • Double Burst Stimulation (DBS 3.3 and 3.2)

A user-selectable TOF stimulation mode is also available. The user can program the repetition time interval of the train of four stimulation (TOF) from 1 to 60 minutes. A constant current feature provides stimulation even with increased skin resistance.

Removal of the transducer cable enables use of TOF-Watch S as an anesthesia peripheral nerve block stimulator. In this mode, it identifies the presence of the local anesthesia cable and automatically switches to low current mode.


Nerve Stimulators and Nerve Blocks

MiniStim Peripheral Nerve Stimulators

SKU: B170003


    • Twitch: 1 Hz: 1 pulse per second
    • Tetanus: 50Hz: 50 pulses/second,100Hz:100 pulses/second
    • Double Burst: 2 – 50Hz Trains of 60ms duration & 750ms apart
    • Train-of-Four: 2 pulses per 2 seconds (on demand)
    • Output Current: Adjustable 0-50mA
    • Output Voltage: 450 volts ( ±10%)
    • Stimulus Pulse: 220 microseconds, square wave monophasic
    • Power: 9v alkaline battery
    • Case: Durable ABS plastic
    • Size: 2.4″L x 0.8″W x 4.2″H
    • Weight: 5 ounces (142 gm)
    • Includes: (1) Two Foot Extension Lead, (1) Diagnostic Probe


SKU: B170002


  • Twitch: 2Hz: 2 pulses per second
  • Tetanus: 50Hz: 50 pulses/second
  • Train-of-Four: Hold Twitch control down for 4 pulses
  • Output Current: 30 milliamperes maximum
  • Stimulus Pulse: 220 microseconds, square wave monophasic
  • Power: 7.5v alkaline battery
  • Case: Durable ABS plastic
  • Size: 1.5 “W x 2.6″H x 0.9″D
  • Weight: 3 ounces (85 gm)
  • Includes: Carrying Case, (1) Two Foot Extension Lead and (1) Diagnostic Probe
  • 2-year warranty


EZ Stim II Nerve Locator and Stimulator

Complete selection of stimulus patterns: twitch, train of four, double burst or tetanus.

  • Twitch: 1 Hz or 2Hz
  • Tetanus: 50Hz: 50 pulses/second, 100Hz: 100 pulses/second
  • Train-of-Four: Repetitive 2 Hz train of four pulses with 10 second intervals
  • Double Burst: 2 groups of 3 pulses at a 20 millisecond repetition rate with the second 3-pulse burst beginning 750 milliseconds after the first burst. Repeat separated by 10 seconds.
  • Instantaneous Constant Current Output Control
  • Wide view 16 characters LCD
  • Repeat or on-demand functions
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Audible Response
  • Optional pole mounting bracket
  • 2-year warranty


It is no longer necessary to disconnect the anesthesia nerve stimulator during electrosurgery procedures. EZ Stim is the first commercially available electro surgery certified anesthesia peripheral nerve block stimulator and nerve locator. EZ Stim can be used as peripheral nerve stimulator to monitor neuromuscular transmission to determine the effectiveness of muscle relaxants or as a nerve locator to help locate the targeted fascicules when delivering regional anesthesia.

SunStim Peripheral Nerve Stimulators

SunStim Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

  • STANDBY: No stimulus pulses are generated.
  • TWITCH: Produce twitch stimulation, which is automatically repeated (one pulse per second), until the button is released. This button can be turned off, by pressing the STANDBY button. 100 Hz: Produce tetanic stimulation when pressed and held down. Tetanic stimulation consists of 100 Hz electrical stimuli.
  • Train-of-Four (TOF): Generate four (4) equal intensity single pulses in a period of two (2) seconds. This function can be repeated as often as needed.

The SunStim Peripheral Nerve Stimulator comes with:

  • Extension Leadwires
  • Bipolar Probes and 9V Battery


SunStim Plus Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

  • DBS (Double Burst Pulses): This stimulation produces two short sequences of 50 Hz tetanic stimuli separated by 750 msec.
  • TWITCH: Produce twitch stimulation, which is automatically repeated (one pulse per second), until the button is released. This button can be turned off by pressing the DBS or TOF button.
  • TETANUS: Produce rapidly repeated stimulation when pressed and held down. Provided electrical stimuli is set for 100Hz. This default can be changed to 50 Hz.
  • Train-of-Four (TOF): Generate four (4) equal intensity single pulses in a period of two (2) seconds. This function can be repeated as often as needed.
  • The SunStim Plus™ Peripheral Nerve Stimulator is provided with Extension Lead Wires, 9V Battery and Bipolar Probe.



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