Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent

Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent improves patient safety by eliminating potential toxins plus it provides permanent color change so you always know the status of your absorbent. Your health organization is currently using GE Medisorb which is a traditional sodalime that can produce toxins when desiccated or fully spent. Since your facility does not change your absorbent until you have a reading of over 5 mmHg inspired CO2 the risk of exposure to toxins such as Compound A, Carbon Monoxide and Formaldehyde is increased. With Amsorb Plus you can continue to push your absorbent to complete exhaustion with no worry of toxins. Because Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent produces no toxins ever, your clinicians may also deliver lower flows while administering Sevoflurane and thus save the hospital system thousands. Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent is part of many health systems “green initiative” because Amsorb Plus has a lower pH than sodalimes such as GE Medisorb when spent. Amsorb Plus is NOT a sodalime. Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent is safe for the environment and safe for landfills. GE Medisorb and sodalime are often required to be “red bagged” for incineration at great expense due to spent sodalime’s high pH (see attached Kaiser Permanente disposal document).

Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent

Amsorb Plus offers numerous benefits at no additional cost for the actual absorbent. We offer Amsorb Plus CO2 Absorbent under our price matching program that guarantees savings since you save on anesthetic agent and on product disposal.

Bell Medical would be happy to provide you with product to conduct your own evaluation and trial with the hopes that your positive experience would allow Amsorb Plus to be considered as a product of choice. Please review the attachments and let us know how best to proceed with a local or corporate evaluation. Thank you for your interest and support.


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