Innovative MAC anesthesia approach to reducing nausea and vomiting!

Patients experience nausea and vomiting 30-50% of surgical recoveries!  There are NO positive reviews from a patient that vomits post-surgery.  PONV is costly in many ways including slowed patient recovery, poor patient experience and in increased staffing needs.  Reducing PONV can help make hospitals and surgery centers become more productive, more pleasant and more profitable and anesthesia providers happier. 

Aromatherapy from the vanilla infused Capnomask O2/CO2 mask is a safe and effective tool for anesthesia to use to reduce PONV, provide oxygen and monitor the patients breathing to assure safe MAC anesthesia. 

The vanilla infused Capnomask offers a drug-free therapy to give anesthesia a proactive way to reduce the chance of a patient experiencing nausea and vomiting.  The Capnomask offers other advantages including:

  • Excellent patient oxygenation of over double the FiO2 of nasal oxygen canula.
  • Capnomask acts as a physical shield or barrier reducing atomization of a patient’s exhalation thus protecting nurses, surgeons and anesthesia by reducing the spread of germs including Covid19.
  • Capnomask comes preassembled with oxygen tubing and 10’ EtCO2 sample line to safely monitor a patient’s breathing to assure no hypoventilation incidents.
  • Vanilla infused scent reduces nausea and vomiting reducing PONV.
  • Low cost of Capnomask compared to cost of DIY or Do It Yourself options of converting a standard oxygen mask with IV catheter and adding an EtCO2 sample line.
  • Reduced anesthesia time to set up DIY version for MAC cases. 

Further benefits of the Capnomask:

  • Reducing Costs
    • Reduced staffing costs and resources used to administer and monitor PONV treatments
    • Reduced drug costs and side effects of nausea prevention drugs
    • Reduced involvement of pharmacy and medication costs
    • Reduced length of recovery time and improved PACU throughput
    • Improved HCAHPS scores with less PONV
  • Adding Value
    • Preventing nausea with the aromatherapy of Capnomask improves patient experience.
    • Satisfaction scores improve with the reduction in PONV
    • Less staff required for PONV intervention if prevented by proactively using Capnomask
    • Capnomask may be considered an added component of ERAS or Enhanced Recovery after Surgery

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