Warrior Blood and Fluid Warmer now on Premier Contract # ES-OR-2053

  • Simple to Operate: Easy one-button operation enhances patient safety
  • Immediate Warming: From 4C to 38C (39F to 100F) in just a few seconds
  • Fast delivery:  KVO to 290ml/min at consistent 38C for 4C fluids and up to 500ml/min for 20C fluids(AC mode)
  • Hybrid Power Source: Equipped with both battery (3-5 liters) and AC Power source
  • No Calibration or Maintenance: One year warranty, 5 years between service cycles
  • Affordable Consumables: Cost effective consumable design
  • Self-Regulating:  Warming automatically adjusts to address changes in flow rates maintaining 38Coutput temperature
  • Portable and light weight: Warrior is ideal for helicopter EMS, Ambulance and ED/OR
  • Unique Continuum of Care: Warrior and consumable can be used from field to hospital simplifying patient handoff between EMS, ED and OR thus reducing costs.
  • Tested and Compatible by 410 Medical for use with LifeFlow rapid infuser
  • FDA, CE and Health Canada approved.  ISO certified.

View the Warrior on Website by clicking here!

Special tiered pricing for Premier contract members. Give us a call 314-772-5600 or email [email protected] for further information.

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