Oral Flex O2/CO2 Cannula, 65/box


B180068         Oral Flex Cannula, 7’ O2 Line, 7’ CO2 Sample Line, Male Luer, 65/box

B180069         Oral Flex Cannula, 7’ O2 Line, 7’ CO2 Sample Line, Female Luer, 65/box

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Oral Flex Cannula is a flexible intraoral cannula for oxygen delivery and carbon dioxide sampling. The disposable cannula is designed for placement inside the mouth to allow for direct O2 delivery and more accurate EtCO2 sampling.

  • Copper Wire reinforced tubing holds its shape and position
  • Sleek design allows for easy insertion past bite block with no impediment to endoscope
  • Used for upper endoscopy cases where a mask becomes cumbersome
  • Can be used for both adults and pediatrics
  • Single use, non-sterile, disposable cannula
  • Economical

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