Pi Reusable Positioning Pillows


The Pi Pillow makes the laryngeal inlet easily visible. The Pi Pillow makes it unnecessary to forcefully lift the chin up using the laryngoscope. Pi Pillow makes all intubations easier and reduces airway tissue damage. Pi’s intubation positioning pillow creates ideal “sniffing” position.

Pi’s Obesity Intubation Positioning Pillow and Ramp

Pi’s Obesity Pillow and Ramp aid in mask ventilation and allow for easier view and intubation while maintaining patient oxygen saturation. “The obese patient needs further positioning to move the mass of the chest away from the plane across which the laryngoscope handle will sweep as it is manipulated into the mouth”. Barash, 2006


B180504R Reusable Medium Adult Pi Pillow 10.5” x 9” x 4”           $475 each
B180501R Reusable Pi Obesity Intubation Pillow 24” x 18” x 8”     $785 each


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