Refurbished Anesthesia Equipment

At Bell Medical, we provide hospitals and surgical centers with the highest quality refurbished anesthesia equipment. Our wide range of machines gives you the clinical capabilities that you need without exceeding your budget. We’re proud to provide a wide array of quality products from brands you can trust!

Aestiva with 7900 Ventilator

The Aestiva 7900 is a cost-effective approach to anesthesia therapy. Sophisticated ventilation capabilities support the needs of a wide range of patients. Components and controls are conveniently located from either sitting or standing positions.

Aestiva’s open architecture allows you to use your current monitors and data management systems. An integrated breathing circuit helps protect the machine’s components from damage and disconnection. The 7900 is an effective system for the practice of low-flow anesthesia, helping to minimize agent consumption and saving on anesthetic agent costs.

Aestiva with 7100 Ventilator

The Aestiva 7100 offers a unique combination of cost-control and quality performance for a wide range of patients, from pediatrics to adults. Easy user interface provides constant visual confirmation of proper system operation, while integrated machine hoses and cables minimize disconnects. Smart alarms direct users to specific problems for easier troubleshooting.

Aespire with 7100 Ventilator

The Aespire 7100 is compact and lightweight for easy maneuverability in any setting. An advanced breathing system with a minimal number of tube connections and parts reduces the potential for misconnects and leaks.

For increased patient safety, all materials that come in contact with patient gas are latex-free.

Drager Fabious GS

The Drager Fabious GS combines modern technology with time-tested design concepts. Vertical flow controls and electronic fresh gas flow indicators compare gas flows more easily and intuitively.

An outstanding cable management approach reduces clutter while simplifying patient transfer.

Our refurbished anesthesia machines and refurbished medical supplies combine performance and ease-of-use to meet a wide range of challenges at any hospital or surgical center. With state-of-the-art technology and ease of use, our refurbished medical equipment offers unprecedented design suitable even for intensive use. For more information on our affordable high-quality refurbished anesthesia machines and anesthesia equipment maintenance, contact us today!


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