Respiratory Therapy

Introducing Bell Medical’s innovative respiratory therapy product solutions: ResMed, Pulmodyne and CapnoVue. At Bell Medical, we are dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with cutting-edge respiratory devices and accessories tailored to meet the evolving needs of patients and providers alike.

Our comprehensive range of respiratory therapy solutions encompasses state-of-the-art equipment designed to address a variety of clinical challenges, from airway management and oxygenation to ventilation and monitoring. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Bell Medical’s respiratory therapy solutions are trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide to deliver optimal patient care and improve treatment outcomes. Experience the difference with Bell Medical – your partner in respiratory excellence.

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ResMed is a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative medical devices aimed at improving the quality of life for people suffering from sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other respiratory disorders. Established in 1989 in Australia, ResMed has since expanded its presence worldwide, with offices and manufacturing facilities across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.

At the core of ResMed’s product lineup are its cutting-edge devices for sleep-disordered breathing and respiratory care. These include:

  1. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines: ResMed’s CPAP devices are designed to provide a steady stream of air pressure to keep the airways open during sleep, effectively treating obstructive sleep apnea and other breathing-related sleep disorders.
  2. Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) machines: These devices adjust air pressure automatically in response to the patient’s breathing patterns, ensuring optimal therapy throughout the night.
  3. Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) machines: ResMed’s BiPAP machines deliver different air pressure levels for inhalation and exhalation, making breathing more comfortable for patients with COPD, neuromuscular disorders, or other respiratory conditions.
  4. Ventilators: ResMed offers a range of ventilators for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation, catering to patients with acute or chronic respiratory failure in hospital and home settings.

ResMed’s commitment to innovation and patient-centric design has earned it a reputation for excellence in the healthcare industry. With a focus on advancing respiratory medicine through technology, research, and collaboration, ResMed continues to pioneer new solutions to address the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers worldwide.

Pulmodyne is a renowned medical device company dedicated to revolutionizing respiratory care through innovation and superior product design. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing patient outcomes and clinician efficiency, Pulmodyne specializes in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of a comprehensive range of high-quality respiratory products tailored for both clinical and pre-hospital settings.

At the heart of Pulmodyne’s product lineup are its cutting-edge DART (Direct Airway Response Treatment) Atomizers, NIV (Non-Invasive Ventilation) masks, and other respiratory solutions. Here’s an overview of Pulmodyne’s key offerings:

  1. DART Atomizers: The DART Atomizers represent a groundbreaking advancement in airway management technology. These innovative devices are designed to deliver medications directly to the patient’s lungs, offering rapid and efficient treatment during emergency situations such as respiratory distress, asthma exacerbations, or bronchospasms. Key features of DART Atomizers include:
    • Direct Delivery: DART Atomizers enable the direct delivery of aerosolized medications to the patient’s airways, bypassing the need for traditional inhalation devices and ensuring rapid onset of action.
    • High Efficiency: With optimized particle size and distribution, DART Atomizers maximize drug delivery to the target site, enhancing therapeutic efficacy and minimizing wastage.
    • Compact and Portable: DART Atomizers are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for use in various clinical settings, including emergency departments, critical care units, and ambulances.
    • Easy to Use: The intuitive design of DART Atomizers allows for quick assembly and administration by healthcare providers, facilitating prompt intervention and improved patient outcomes.
  2. NIV Masks: Pulmodyne offers a comprehensive range of NIV masks designed to provide effective respiratory support while maximizing patient comfort and compliance. These masks are available in various styles and sizes to accommodate patients of all ages and clinical needs. Key features of Pulmodyne’s NIV masks include:
    • Comfortable Fit: Pulmodyne’s NIV masks are crafted from soft, hypoallergenic materials to minimize skin irritation and enhance patient comfort during prolonged use.
    • Secure Seal: The masks feature an anatomically contoured design and adjustable headgear straps to ensure a secure and leak-free seal, promoting effective ventilation and therapy delivery.
    • Versatility: Pulmodyne’s NIV masks are compatible with a wide range of ventilators and respiratory support devices, offering clinicians flexibility in treatment options and patient management.
    • User-Friendly Design: Designed with clinician convenience in mind, Pulmodyne’s NIV masks feature intuitive adjustment mechanisms and quick-release clips for easy application and removal.

In summary, Pulmodyne is dedicated to advancing respiratory care through the development of innovative medical devices such as DART Atomizers and NIV masks. By combining cutting-edge technology with a focus on usability and patient comfort, Pulmodyne aims to empower healthcare providers to deliver superior care and improve outcomes for patients with respiratory conditions worldwide.

The CapnoVue mask stands as a pinnacle in patient care during upper gastrointestinal (GI) procedures and bronchoscopies, seamlessly integrating oxygen delivery with real-time capnography monitoring. Crafted with precision for enhanced patient safety and clinician confidence, this advanced mask ensures optimal oxygenation and ventilation while providing invaluable insights into respiratory dynamics.

Key features of the CapnoVue mask include:

  1. Oxygen Delivery: Equipped with a built-in oxygen delivery system, the CapnoVue mask ensures continuous oxygen administration throughout upper GI procedures and bronchoscopies. This feature mitigates the risk of hypoxemia, safeguarding patient well-being during the entirety of the procedure.
  2. Capnography Monitoring: The CapnoVue mask incorporates state-of-the-art capnography monitoring technology, allowing clinicians to monitor the patient’s exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in real time. This dynamic monitoring capability provides immediate feedback on ventilation effectiveness and respiratory status, enabling swift intervention if needed.
  3. Comfort and Adaptability: Engineered for patient comfort and adaptability, the CapnoVue mask boasts a soft and flexible design that conforms snugly to facial contours. Adjustable straps ensure a secure fit, minimizing discomfort and optimizing oxygen delivery and capnography monitoring accuracy.
  4. Versatility: Designed to meet the demands of diverse clinical settings, the CapnoVue mask is suitable for use during a range of procedures, including upper GI endoscopies and bronchoscopies. Its compatibility with standard capnography monitoring equipment facilitates seamless integration into existing procedural workflows.

With the CapnoVue mask, clinicians can confidently navigate upper GI procedures and bronchoscopies, knowing they have access to superior respiratory therapy and monitoring capabilities. By combining oxygen delivery with real-time capnography monitoring in a single, user-friendly device, the CapnoVue mask empowers healthcare professionals to deliver optimal patient care and achieve superior clinical outcomes.

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