Laryngoscopes are a key instrument that an anesthesia provider uses to intubate an endotracheal tube or ET Tube in a patients trachea. Laryngoscopy equipment comes in all sizes and shapes with the most standard laryngoscope shapes being Miller and MacIntosh or Mac blades. Laryngoscopes come in specialty shapes such as Philips or Wis Hipple or Improved View Miller and Mac blades. Laryngoscopes come in various forms including conventional or fiber optic. Laryngoscope handles and blades come in disposable or reusable.  Laryngoscope handles come in sizes such as standard, penlite or stubby. Bell Medical is a national laryngoscope distributor for Heine and Carnegie.  Heine has the new Easy Clean reusable handle and Carnegie has the disposable combination laryngoscope system.  Bell Medical sells video laryngoscopes from Insighters and CoPilot VL.  Insighters offers a complete airway management system including flexible endoscopes, rigid lighted stylets and a wireless system called the iWorkstation.  We offer the new iCore system that allows a flexible video scope to be inserted into an iCore channel within an endotracheal tube or ET tube, a DLT or double lumen tube and an LMA.  We offer unique alternatives to Flexicare or Teleflex laryngoscope products.  View our airway management products and the laryngoscopes that we have available today.