CO2 Absorbents

Bell Medical is the importer of record for Amsorb Plus from Armstrong Medical of Northern Ireland. Amsorb Plus is a new generation CO2 absorbent that does not contain sodium hydroxide like most all other soda limes. Amsorb Plus is not a soda lime but a patented chemical that uses calcium hydroxide with the result of eliminating any and all toxins that are the by product of soda limes interacting with anesthetic agents. Amsorb Plus will NEVER produce toxins such as Compound A, Formaldehyde or Carbon Monoxide. Amsorb Plus is safer patients and for the earth's environment. Amsorb Plus when exhausted has a lower pH than soda limes and thus does not have to be red bagged as hazardous which makes Amsorb Plus less expensive to dispose and environmentally friendly. Amsorb Plus offers a permanent color change when used verses other carbon dioxide absorbers such as GE Medisorb, SodaSorb, Dragersorb 800 and Dragersorb Free all turn color and then return back to white. With Amsorb Plus CO2 absorbent the anesthesia provider always knows the status of their carbon dioxide absorber.