Stimpod TOF Monitors

The Stimpod Stimpod Train of Four (TOF) monitors 410, 450, and 460 are manufactured by Xavant Technologies in South Africa. The Stimpod 410 Train of Four monitoring device is used for nerve mapping and nerve location to facilitate nerve blocks for regional anesthesia. The Stimpod 450 does all the the Stimpod 410 does plus it offers quantitative TOF monitoring. The Stimpod 450 uses a three dimensional accelerometer to quantitatively measure the level of paralytic in a patient. The Stimpod 450 also has the ability of peripheral nerve stimulation modes such as TOF or Train of Four, Double Burst, Post Tetanic Count or PTC, Tetanus at 50 and 100 HZ, and Twitch. The Stimpod NMS 450 is a superior nerve stimulator to the discontinued TOF Watch.