Airway Management

The Management of the patient's airway is of critical concern to the safe administration of anesthesia. Airway Management for anesthesia relates to devices such as Guedel and Berman airways along with nasal airways such as nasal pharyngeal airways or airway trumpets. Some airway medical supplies also include products such as endo tracheal tubes or ET Tubes along with Laryngeal Mask Airways or LMAs often referred as supra glottic mask airways. Bell Medical also can assist anesthesia providers with Airway Management with difficult airway products such as bougies or Eschman stylets. Bell Medical has an assortment of standard, conventional and fiber optic laryngoscopes to aid in intubation of the endotracheal tube into a patient's trachea. Video Laryngoscopes such as the eMac or CoPilot VL are also available to assist in airway management.