Complete Insight Airway Management System


This airway management system comes with an integrated insight video display with multi-functional fitting Flexible Endoscope, Rigid Scope and Video Laryngoscope, providing a convenient & cost effective ONE SYSTEM solution.

The Complete Insight Airway Management System includes:

  • Insight Video Laryngoscope
  • Insight Rigid Laryngoscpoe
  • Insight Flexible Endoscope
  • Insight Flexible Endoscope with Channel
  • Two (2) Host Displays
  • Recharger
  • Case


Video Laryngoscope:

Flexible Endoscope

Rigid Laryngoscope

Supporting Videos

Insight Video Airway System

Video Laryngoscope

Infant and Pediatric Flexible Scope

Insight Roll Stand

Configuration options:

  • B091990         Video Laryngoscope $3,335
  • B091998         Rigid Laryngoscope $5,335
  • B091999         Flexible Endoscope $7,500
  • B091999S       Flexible Endoscope w/ suction channel $8,335
  • B091990K       Complete Airway Management System $19,950

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs



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