Sodasorb LF, (Low Flow) 0.1-1% Sodium Hydroxide


Sodasorb LF* is a permanent color change carbon dioxide absorbent that reduces  the dangers associated with absorbents and low flow conditions, such as Compound A, carbon monoxide, heat and desiccation.  Sodasorb LF advantages:

–        Permanent color change

–        Designed for low flow anesthesia

–        Made in the USA

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CO2 Absorbent: Sodasorb LF*, (Low Flow) 0.1-1% sodium hydroxide

B050000         CD02-0014, 8875, Pre-Pak Canister, Mindray, Aestiva                 $166.00           12/case

B050001         CD02-0013, 8865, CO2 Absorbent, Refill Bags                             $147.00           12/case

B050002         CD02-0051, CO2 Absorbent, Twin-Pack Jeri cans                        $92.00             2/case

B050003         PC02-0006, CO2 Absorbent, Aria for GE Aespire, Avance          $130.00           6/case

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Sodasorb LF

B050000 Pre-Pak Canister, Mindray, Aestiva, B050001 CO2 Absorbent, Refill Bags, B050002 CO2 Absorbent, Twin-Pack Jerrycans, B050003, CO2 Absorbent, Aria for GE Aespire, AVance


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