Sodasorb LF, (Low Flow) 0.1-1% Sodium Hydroxide


Anesthesia Sodasorb LF* Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorbent is a permanent color change carbon dioxide absorbent that reduces  the dangers associated with absorbents and low flow conditions, such as Compound A, carbon monoxide, heat and desiccation.  Sodasorb LF CO2 absorbant advantages:

–        Permanent color change

–        Designed for low flow anesthesia

–        Made in the USA

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Anesthesia Sodasorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorbent: Sodasorb LF*, (Low Flow) 0.1-1% sodium hydroxide

B050000         CD02-0014, 8875, Pre-Pak Canister, Mindray, Aestiva                 $166.00           12/case

B050001         CD02-0013, 8865, CO2 Absorbent, Refill Bags                             $147.00           12/case

B050002         CD02-0051, CO2 Absorbent, Twin-Pack Jeri cans                        $92.00             2/case

B050003         PC02-0006, CO2 Absorbent, Aria for GE Aespire, Avance          $130.00           6/case


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Weight3.21 lbs
Sodasorb LF

B050000 Pre-Pak Canister, Mindray, Aestiva, B050001 CO2 Absorbent, Refill Bags, B050002 CO2 Absorbent, Twin-Pack Jerrycans, B050003, CO2 Absorbent, Aria for GE Aespire, AVance


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