CO2 Easy & Pedi CO2 Easy CO2 Detector


CO2 Easy & Pedi CO2 Easy Medical CO2 Detector, 10/case

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Easily attaches to an endotracheal tube for monitoring of End Tidal CO2 levels with breath-to-breath response. A color change of this End-Tidal CO2 device between inspiration and expiration helps verify proper tube placement in seconds.

Product Specifications

Adult CO2 Easy     

Internal Volume: 30cc

Resistance to Flow: 3.0cm H2O ± 1cm at 60 L/min 

Weight: Less than 20g

Connector Ports: Patient End: 22mm OD/15mm ID, Proximal End: 15mm OD

Patient Use: Patients weighing 15kg (33lbs.) or above


Pedi CO2 Easy

Internal Volume: 3cc

Resistance to Flow: 2.5cm H2O ± 0.5cm at 10 L/min

Weight:  Less than 5g

Connector Ports: Patient End: 18mm OD/15 mm ID, Proximal End: 15mm OD/5mm ID

Patient Use: Patients weighing 1-15kg (2.2-33lbs)



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