EZ Stim III Nerve Locator and Stimulator


The dual-function, hand-held EZstim* III, model ES500, operates as either a full-function nerve locator or a neuromuscular block monitor.

• Audible indicator of open circuit or high-resistance condition
• Detachable function-specific lead sets to guard against inappropriate use of stimulator
• Built-in protective bumper
• Electrosurgery compatibility


Stimulator comes with a set of cables/leads(B170027).

Complete selection of stimulus patterns: twitch, train of four, double burst or tetanus

Instantaneous Constant Current Output Control


Operating Parameter Neuromuscular Monitor  Nerve Locator
OUTPUT CURRENT  0.05 mA – 80 mA ± 5% (maximum 3.74K Ohms or less) 0.05 mA – 5 mA ± 3% @ > 0.20 (maximum 11.5K Ohms or less)
PULSE RISE-TIME < 75 microseconds
< 5 microseconds
200 microseconds ± 10%
100 microseconds ± 1%
  • Twitch: 1 Hz or 2 Hz ± 5% repetition rate
  • Tetanus: 50 Hz or 100 Hz ± 5%
  • Train of Four: Repetitive 2 Hz Train of Four pulses with 10 second intervals
  • Double Burst: Two groups of three pulses at a 20 millisecond repetition rate with the second 3-pulse burst beginning 750 milliseconds after the first burst. The bursts repeat separated by 10 seconds.
  • Twitch: 1 Hz or 2 Hz ± 5% repetition rate

• Wide view 16 characters LCD
• Repeat or on-demand functions
• Automatic Shut Off
• Audible Response
• Optional pole mounting bracket
• 2-year warranty

It is no longer necessary to disconnect the anesthesia nerve stimulator during electrosurgery procedures.* EZ Stim is the first commercially available electro surgery certified peripheral nerve locator and stimulator. EZ Stim can be used as peripheral nerve stimulator to monitor neuromuscular transmission to determine the effectiveness of muscle relaxants or as a nerve locator to help locate the targeted fascicules when delivering regional anesthesia.


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