EZ Stim III Nerve Locator and Stimulator


The dual-function, hand-held EZstim* III, model ES500, operates as either a full-function nerve locator or a neuromuscular block monitor.

• Audible indicator of open circuit or high-resistance condition
• Detachable function-specific lead sets to guard against inappropriate use of stimulator
• Built-in protective bumper
• Electrosurgery compatibility


Stimulator comes with a set of cables/leads(B170027).

Complete selection of stimulus patterns: twitch, train of four, double burst or tetanus

Instantaneous Constant Current Output Control


Operating Parameter Neuromuscular Monitor  Nerve Locator
OUTPUT CURRENT  0.05 mA – 80 mA ± 5% (maximum 3.74K Ohms or less) 0.05 mA – 5 mA ± 3% @ > 0.20 (maximum 11.5K Ohms or less)
PULSE RISE-TIME < 75 microseconds
< 5 microseconds
200 microseconds ± 10%
100 microseconds ± 1%
  • Twitch: 1 Hz or 2 Hz ± 5% repetition rate
  • Tetanus: 50 Hz or 100 Hz ± 5%
  • Train of Four: Repetitive 2 Hz Train of Four pulses with 10 second intervals
  • Double Burst: Two groups of three pulses at a 20 millisecond repetition rate with the second 3-pulse burst beginning 750 milliseconds after the first burst. The bursts repeat separated by 10 seconds.
  • Twitch: 1 Hz or 2 Hz ± 5% repetition rate

• Wide view 16 characters LCD
• Repeat or on-demand functions
• Automatic Shut Off
• Audible Response
• Optional pole mounting bracket
• 2-year warranty

It is no longer necessary to disconnect the anesthesia nerve stimulator during electrosurgery procedures.* EZ Stim is the first commercially available electro surgery certified peripheral nerve locator and stimulator. The Halyard EZStim iii can be used as a peripheral nerve stimulator to monitor neuromuscular transmission to determine the effectiveness of muscle relaxants or as a nerve locator to help locate the targeted fascicules when delivering regional anesthesia.


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