Heine VisionPro HyMac 3 Laryngoscope Blade, 10/box


HyMac 3

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Features of the visionPRO HyMac 3 blade
The blade is curved in the distal area, causing it to tilt sharply behind the base of the tongue, thus helping to lift the epiglottis ‘almost by itself’. The HyMac 3 blade can be used like an ordinary visionPRO Mac blade – intuitively without any need for extra training.

Key features of the HyMac 3 blade:
• Special hyperangulated design
• Hygienically clean individual packaging, clearly visible labeled as HyMac 3 blade
• FixLock System for secure attachment of the blade to the video laryngoscope
• Made from upcycled material, helps reduce CO2 footprint


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