Blood and Fluid Warming

The Warrior Blood and Fluid warmer from QinFlow is innovative technology.  The Warrior can rapidly warm 5C cold fluids to body temperature in seconds. The Warrior is used with EMS, ICU, Emergency Departments and Operating Rooms.

The compact disposable units (CDU) for the Warrior hold 27 mL of priming volume. There are electronic sensors located in the CDU that measure temperature 100s of times per second on the temperature fluid output. The tubing inside the CDU is made of medical grade stainless steel.

The Warrior can be used with a battery to provide mobile fluid warming. The battery unit is connected to the Warrior for travel with the patient via airflight, ambulance, or through the hospital.

The Warrior is the only device approved for use with the Lifeflow rapid infuser. The Lifeflow is an infuser that allows caregivers to deliver 10cc of fluids with each squeeze of the handle.