B324221 LifeFlow, FG5001, fluid resuscitation $1,450 5/box
B324225 LifeFlow Plus, FG5005, blood and/or fluid capable $1,590 5/box

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Lifeflow Rapid Fluid Infuser: Volume rapid fluid resuscitation when minutes matter

  • Controlled hand-operated rapid fluid infuser
  • Easy to use, intuitive, and safe
  • Four times faster than a pressure bag delivering 500ml in less than 2 minutes
  • Reverses shock and restores tissue perfusion saving lives
  • Improves outcomes and reduces mortality
  • LifeFlow rapid infuser has easy set up and priming
  • Measured delivery with 10ml delivered with each trigger pull

Lifeflow and Warrior Inservice

Additional Inservice Videos Below

Can be used with Warrior Blood and Fluid Warmer


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B324221, B324225


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