HEPA Filter w/CO2 Port


HEPA Filter with CO2 Port, 50/cs



  • Heat moisture exchangers and filters for optimal humidification and filtration
  • Westmed’s HME products provide superior moisture output, minimum size, low breathing resistance
  • Each is a true hygroscopic condensing humidifier (HCH) for maximal performance without potentially harmful chemicals
  • HEPA, With CO2 Port, 150 to 1500 mL Vt Range, 12 mgH20/L at Vt 1000 mL Moisture Output, 2.05 cmH20 at 30 lpm, 7.18 cmH20 at 60 lpm Resistance to Flow, 99.9999% Bacterial/Viral Filtration, 33.58 mL Dead Space

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Weight 8 lbs



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