Alar Nasal Pulse Oximetry Sensor: Anesthesia Application

Alar Nasal Pulse Oximetry Sensor works on the most challenging patients!

Anesthesia Advantages

“It works when other sensors fail.” The monitoring site is unaffected by non-invasive blood pressure measurements thus reducing false alarms and giving the anesthesia provider uninterrupted oximeter measurements. The Alar Nasal Pulse Oximetry Sensor can be left on for PACU and SICU providing oximeter measurements for the entire length of stay of the post-surgical patient saving the hospital thousands and enhancing patient comfort.

Reliable accuracy – unaffected by poor peripheral perfusion or low saturations

The Alar Nasal Pulse Oximetry Sensor fits comfortably on the fleshy part of the side of the nose. The site is fed by both the external and internal carotid arteries; the latter also provides blood to the brain. The rich vascular supply to this region provides a strong, reliable signal, even when it is difficult or impossible to get a signal at the fingertips.

Monitoring Site results in faster detection of oxygen saturation changes

Because the Alar Nasal Pulse Oximetry Sensor measures the oxygen saturation from a vessel also supplying blood to the brain, changes have been proven to be detected up to 30 seconds faster than with a finger sensor.

Improved patient comfort

The hands-free Alar Sensor does not impede normal patient functions such as eating, drinking or talking. It is less bothersome and is not likely to become disconnected.

Cost effective and convenient

The single-patient-use Alar Sensor does not use adhesives at the sensor site. The sensor can be removed and reapplied for up to 7 days saving hospitals up to $232 for the SICU patient. Proven accuracy reduces false alarms improving patient safety, patient satisfaction and nurse productivity.

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