SunStim Nerve Stimulator


SunStim Nerve Stimulator

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STANDBY: No stimulus pulses are generated.

TWITCH: Produce twitch stimulation, which is automatically repeated (one pulse per second), until the button is released. This button can be turned off, by pressing the

STANDBY button. 100 Hz: Produce tetanic stimulation when pressed and held down. Tetanic stimulation consists of 100 Hz electrical stimuli.

Train-of-Four (TOF): Generate four (4) equal intensity single pulses in a period of two (2) seconds. This function can be repeated as often as needed.

The SunStim™ Peripheral Nerve Stimulator for sale is provided with:

• Extension Leadwires (Alligator Clips Included, Snaps sold seperately)
• Bipolar Probes

*Related Products are replacement items.

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