Syringe Pump


Simple operation – Easy User customization
• Multiple delivery modes (Body-Weight, Mass, Bolus, Continuous, Volume over Time)
• Adjustable flow rate ranges, changes w/o interrupting flow
• Accuracy +/- 3%
• Fast bolus rates

Storage for 90 user defined programmable settings

Accommodates various syringe manufacturers with automatic size sensing: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 and 140 ml syringes

• Easy front syringe loading

• Easy plunger loading with plunger sensor

Multiple sensors to monitor delivery accuracy

• Syringe size

• Syringe plunger force

• Syringe plunger movement

• Motor shaft rotation

Metal housing design to assure durability

• Improved EMI immunity (IEC 60601-1-2)

• Splash proof for easy cleaning

Large graphic LCD display for easy viewing

Syringe light delineates infusion status from afar

Unique labeling area used to indicate infusion information

AC/Battery operated with removable battery pack

• Standard battery capacity (12 hours at 5 ml/hr)

• No external power adaptor required, standard plug

RS232 Interface capabilities

Full alarm capabilities – LED & LCD alerts & audio alarms

Integrated carrying handle with optional pole mount

One year warranty with free software upgrades! 

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* ABC Atlanta Biomedical start up page is simpler than other medical syringe pumps.  Start Up page can display all of the drugs your providers use on a frequent basis (up to 7 drugs or modes) – Easy to access; 90 drugs in total can be stored.

* Most pumps have a maximum Bolus rate with a 50/60 ml syringe of 600 mL/hr. With ABC pump, the max rate is 1,500 mL/hr with the same size syringe.

* If Bolusing by hand, there is no need to reenter all of the patient information that is entered at the start of the case. Just return the syringe to the pump and press “Deliver” to continue.

* The user can change syringe size with the ABC pump during the case. If they mount a different size syringe, all they need to do is confirm or change the Rate and press “Deliver.” This feature can be useful at the end of a case, if just a little more drug is required and the syringe in use is empty.

*  ABC IV syringe pumps have an all metal housing. Other pumps have plastic cases. Over time cleaning agents will damage plastic.

* Front status LED light – Green (Delivering), Red (Not Delivering), Easy to see from a distance

* Syringe loading is easier

* ABC battery operation is longer – We conservatively last 12 hours usage at 5 mL/hr with 60 mL syringe

* No Software Contract required – Upgrades are free of charge and are included in the ABC purchase price. Other IV syringe pump companies charge up to $800/year for a Software Upgrade Contract

* ABC offers Repair Service School free of charge

* Cord lengths up to 25 feet

* Superior repair service

* Fast response time

*  ABC medical syringe pump purchase price from Bell Medical is generally less than competitive pumps.

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