Stimpod 450X+ Nerve Stimulator and TOF Monitor


Stimpod Nerve Stimulator Kit includes:

  • B170450+ Stimpod NMS450X+ for Neuromuscular Blockade (NMB) Monitoring, Color Display, Rechargeable Battery, Recharging Cord
  • B170450AE+ Includes: B170450+ Stimpod NMS450X+, B170440 3.5m EMG Monitoring Cable, AND B170461 1.8m AMG  Monitoring Cable
  • Cable Carrying Case

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Stimpod 450X+ New Features

Full Stimpod 450X+ Brochure

Stimpod 450X+ IFU Booklet

“The only neuromuscular blockade monitoring system available with both AMG and
EMG enabling cost control at the point-of-care based on need and specific setting,
allowing affordable standardization across the entire hospital.”

  • Full Color Touch Screen Display
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Trend Graphs and Waveforms

More Information

Inservice Videos

Training Videos

AMG and EMG Set-up and Quick Start

EMG Showcase by Xavant

EMR Connectivity

Quantitative Train-of-Four Endorsements

Stimulating Modes

  • Train-of-Four (TOF)
  • Double Burst (DB)
  • Post-Tetanic-Count (PTC)
  • Tetanus (TET)
  • Twitch (1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz)

Current Range

  • Nerve Locating: 0.0 – 5.0mA
  • Nerve Mapping: 0 – 20mA
  • NIMBA Monitoring: 0 – 80mA

Load Impedance

  • Nerve Locating: 0 – 20kΩ (100V)
  • Nerve Mapping: 0 – 20kΩ (400V)
  • NIMBA Monitoring: 0 – 5kΩ (400V)

The STIMPOD NMS450X+ Nerve Stimulator for Neuromuscular Blockade (NMB) monitoring includes a Tri-axial accelerometer which provides real time feedback of the strength of contraction of the affected limb (Train Of Four, Double Burst and Post Tetanic Count modes only). The strength of each measured contraction is displayed on the STIMPOD NMS450X+ graphically and the relevant ratios are calculated and also displayed.

The fine movement differences that can be detected by utilizing accelerometry offer major advantages over gauging contraction strength visually or tactilely.

Tri-axial accelerometry calculates the movement vector of the contraction in three dimensions.  This negates the need for calibration as is the case with one-dimensional accelerometers, and reduces the setup time of the procedure.

Combined Nerve Mapping and Nerve Location:

Auto-sensing technology provides a solution for simultaneous nerve mapping and nerve location. The Xavant Stimpod nerve stimulator monitors whether the mapping probe or needle touches the patient and adjusts the current range accordingly, ensuring quick and precise nerve location.

The Stimpod Nerve Mapping Probe was designed to enable transcutaneous nerve mapping at higher currents (to a maximum of 20mA), whilst the tip offers a contact surface small enough to ensure effective discrimination.

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Additional information

Weight3.5 lbs
Stimpod 450X+

B170450+, B170450AE+


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